Pothole Repairs

Potholes are various areas on a roadway that are missing various pieces of pavement and these results in holes. These holes are dangerous and costly since they can cause you a flat tire or in trying to avoid falling in one, you can cause an accident.

Over time water make roadways to deteriorate and vehicles only worsens the condition of the potholes when they hit or run over them. With professional paving services, these troubles can disappear. Fortunately, Bulldog Sealcoat and Striping also specializes in efficient and detailed pothole repair in North Platte, NE. We always strive to make our customers happy and we always give what they want for their potholes.

Our paving contractor will be able to clean and remove the loose pavement of the pothole. The asphalt contractor will then spray the hole with a tack coat of liquid asphalt and will fill the hole with hot asphalt. Once this is done, the surface will be leveled and rolled in order to create a smooth surface. For our concrete work, we only use quality materials and products in order to give excellent results. Contact Bulldog Sealcoat and Striping for your pothole repair!